Last Wednesday I requested my MAC code from my current ISP Pipex. They said that I should receive it within the next 5 working days, which was fine. I have to switch my phone line back to BT before I can switch ISP’s anyway.

On Saturday I received a letter in the post containing my MAC code. Great, I’m all set and ready to switch to someone else. On Monday I received exactly the same letter in the post containing my MAC code. No problem obviously a cock-up (a technical computer term) with their system. Today I received another letter exactly the same as the other two with the same date and the same MAC code.

No company, no matter what the size or IT infrastructure should be sending out 3 letters like that. Imagine the wasted time and cost to do something like that.

If you are with Pipex for anything… run far and run fast. After saying that, I haven’t left their clutches yet!

  • Posted on Wednesday, 13 February 2008
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