Mac OS X Version 10.5.2

This latest release of Apple’s Mac OS operating system added a great little Time Machine icon to the menu bar. I was always checking to see if it was backing up, how much it was backing up and when the next backup will be (I do tinker too much). Now you can see from the icon when it’s doing it’s thing. As if the sound of the drives in the Drobo aren’t enough of an indication. The icon itself animates with the hands of the clock, and the arrow, going backwards. Clicking on it shows the date and time of the last backup, with a Back Up Now, Enter Time Machine and Preferences menu options. I’ve set a keyboard shortcut for the Back Up Now option just in case I feel the need for a little security before I do something stupid.

Also, I’ve switched the Translucent Menu Bar off. Not something that I really liked, the same as the glass dock which was changed a couple of days after the upgrade. Now you can also change the dock folders so that you aren’t always faced with seeing a disc image in your downloads folder. That, and allowing you to select just plain old list instead of stacks, my set-up is looking more like Tiger every day.

At least Apple are listening and acting upon requests from the community.

  • Posted on Wednesday, 13 February 2008
  • Tagged with apple