Apple TV Version 2.0

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Yes, the update I’ve been waiting for. The update that I bought the Apple TV for. Being able to rent HD movies to watch on my new TV… and I’m a little disappointed.

I did hear that rental downloads wouldn’t happen in the UK until later this year. So that killed my reason for buying the unit in the first place. To be honest I was expecting quite a lot from those lumbering giants the movie studios. Rentals are available in the US why not the UK? Surely all they have to agree is a price. The same release rules will have to apply. The same rental conditions will apply because they’ll already be set in the software upgrade. So I just can’t see what the problem is! Then again it’s these huge monolithic companies who are still stuck in their old ways.

Apart from the no rentals thing it’s not a bad upgrade and free at that. The UI has changed, you can browse the iTunes store and download podcasts directly. Strangely they don’t show when you look at the contents of your unit within iTunes on the iMac. So when the two sync you won’t get the shows that have been download directly to the Apple TV. I did think that you could subscribe to a podcast, the same way that you can on iTunes, but it just seems that you can flag a show as a favourite. All this does is add it to a list, you would then have to select each episode for download manually.

It’s a step in the right direction. I’ve set the video output to 1080p so that it matches the TV, but it looks like we’ll have to wait for movie rentals. I’ll just keep watching video podcasts.

  • Posted on Wednesday, 13 February 2008
  • Tagged with apple toys