Release It!

Release It!

  • Design and Deploy Production-Ready Software
  • Michael T. Nygard

For someone, like me, who has just been writing a desktop application for the last ten years, and only writing reports and data extracts in a batch environment before that, this book introduced something completely different. At work we have had to deal with multiple server configurations but that generally isn’t the norm. Usually it’s just a server with the application and the database on it, PC’s then access the application using a thin client. Not a whole lot to it.

Since setting up a few web-sites on a VPS at Slicehost and reading about deploying Rails applications, I did know a little about load balancing, server clustering etc. But this book explains things in much more detail, as you would expect.

The most interesting sections for me were the case studies. I kept thinking about Samuel L. Jackson saying, “We can’t get Jurassic Park back online!”. It’s always interesting to hear about problems that people have faced in the past and how they went about solving them, that’s the reason I read The Daily WTF: Curious Perversions in Information Technology.

It’s another great book from The Pragmatic Programmers. Even if most of it went complete over my head at least I have more of an understanding of the problems faced when deploying software over multiple servers. If I was moving to a company that had a large web-site/web application then this is the book that I would read to get me up to speed.

  • Reviewed on Saturday, 09 February 2008
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