Pipex Homecall... bye bye

Finally, I’ve decided to switch from Pipex Homecall back to BT. Not because of poor service, how could they screw up a phone connection, but because I want to switch my broadband supplier from Pipex Broadband to another ISP. For this to happen the ones that I’ve checked out, Be, O2 and BT themselves require you have a phone line from BT. To be honest I’m glad to be going back. Once you have an initial bad experience with a company then that clouds any positive feelings that you may have towards them. Besides, there won’t be any price difference as I don’t use the phone anyway. I even logged into my BT account and it was just like going home.

All this because for the previous three evenings my broadband speed has crawled.

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  • Posted on Wednesday, 06 February 2008
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