Microshite wants to buy Yahoo!

I have to admit that I like flickr. Since buying a pro account last year I’ve been putting more of my photos up on the site. I’ve also been subscribed to the RSS feeds for a few groups that I belong to, as well as a few people in the tech/web industry. I enjoy seeing photos from around the world, where people live and where people work. It’s interesting.

Back when Yahoo! bought flickr I think there were quite a few people who removed all their photos. They were saying that they didn’t want to be part of a large corporation that may change things that they didn’t agree with. That’s all fair enough. If you don’t like the situation then you can leave and take your photos elsewhere.

Now it looks like Microshite® are going to buy Yahoo! Both companies are struggling against the Google onslaught. If this happens then I won’t be renewing my flickr membership when it expires next year. I’ll just take all my photos down and go elsewhere.

I just can’t see anything good in Microshite® at all. Nothing. They thought they could make money in the console market and ended up having their arse handed to them by Nintendo. They thought they could compete in the MP3 player market and still aren’t selling their player in Europe.

The only thing they have done recently is this ‘Surface’ coffee table. Not available yet and when it is it’ll be $10,000, which kills any market it may have had. What they should have done is demo it at an expo somewhere and said that it’s $2,000 and available today.

If Microshite® can afford to consider buying Yahoo! for £22.4bn then why aren’t they putting more of this huge pot of cash into research and development so they can compete with Google.