Apple Stock

Expect Apple stock to plummet as I have bought 30 shares at $138.96.

With the way that the Apple faithful upgrade both their software and hardware on a regular basis it looks like a good move. Also the iPhone hasn’t been released in Japan yet and we all know how tech savvy they are. But will the recent drop, from $200 at Christmas, and the drop of the market in general it looked like a good time to buy. If it wasn’t for the form filling I would have bought the stock at $200 in December and been a little concerned now.

Anyway, it is money that I could loose, meaning that I’m not going to go hungry, but hopefully it won’t come to that. Apple really are the only tech company that I believe are releasing good, well designed, products and the great software to run on them.

I’ll just leave the stock in the Maxi ISA for 5 years or so and see how it goes, so I am in this for the long term… but I’ll just check the price again to see if it’s gone up any.

  • Posted on Wednesday, 23 January 2008
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