Amazon DVD Rentals

Between the 9th of December and yesterday I was on the unlimited, two at home for £11.49 plan for DVD rentals at Amazon. I had been on the 6 per month, three at home for £9.99, plan since Amazon started to do DVD rentals at the end of 2004. This plan had been fazed out in favour of the unlimited and the smaller plans.

After a little calculating, weighing up the pros and cons, I switched, thinking that I could get through 8 DVDs in a month and be better off. The posting and receiving was always fast enough for me to see the benefit. Also this would hack away at the 100 plus DVDs on my rental list. I thought that I could watch a movie a night over Christmas easily even if I had to watch one of my own whilst waiting for the postman to deliver more.

My cunning plan backfired and I only received 3 DVDs over the holidays. It’s as if either the Royal Mail or Amazon were on a go slow. I posted 2 discs on Saturday and they only received them today. Usually they’ve dispatched more after only a couple of days. I did think that I’d receive the next 2 still under the old plan, before the 9th, but it wasn’t to be.

So with my collection of un-watched DVDs growing I’ve switched to 4 discs for £6.99 per month. Yes, less than I was on originally. The unlimited plans can only be worth the money if Amazon and the Royal Mail can get the discs out quicker.

  • Posted on Thursday, 10 January 2008
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