Best of 2007... in no particular order


This section has been changed to just ‘Films’ as 3 of the titles listed I don’t actually own, Eastern Promises isn’t even out on DVD in this country yet. That was my only trip to the cinema this year.

Red Road I rented, I’ve bought, but haven’t watched it again yet as it is just beyond grim and still vaguely uplifting.

United 93 is a film that no one who watched the 9/11 footage could fail to be moved by. It’s superior to the other 9/11 film and doesn’t rely on CGI special effects to get the message across.

Sunshine is a film that I only watched for the first time the other night. The film was interesting enough to warrant another look before the DVD goes back. The soundtrack score could also be worth tracking down as it is stark and minimalistic.


Looking back I didn’t manage to get through many books during the year. I’m sure that I have at least enough to last me well into next year without any further purchases.

It looks as if stories are out and biographies and tech books are in.


Not a great year for music.

Year Zero I’ve listen to a lot but wouldn’t say that it’s as good as the previous albums.

The Pigface CD I bought for about £6 after finding out that Trent Reznor sang a version of Suck with Pigface. At the time I thought that they were going to be the next big band for me, you know, buying all their back catalogue etc etc. But after buying the remix box set I haven’t listened to them much. I still like Insect/Suspect though.

I bought the Flin Flon disc after Henry Rollins played a track from Boo-Boo on his radio show.


Mark Kermode is the only film reviewer worth listening to. I read Empire every month, just to get a balanced view, but on News 24 and The Culture Show Kermode is king.

Every time I hear Henry Rollins doing the ‘firmly ensconced in the Indie 103 rock mosque’ intro to his show I laugh, no matter where I am or what I’m doing. I’ve even bought a few discs after listening to his show via the archive (yes, I was the one who created the script for the Index by Artist page) but I just haven’t really enjoyed each disc that much, except Flin Flon that is.

The Boagworld podcast reached the magic 100 this year. I really wish I’d made the effort to travel south and be there for the recording of the show, at least I’ve given money to the Boagworld Christmas Appeal. It doesn’t sound like Marcus has a beard on the podcast, quite surprising really.

The best Talk Show has been the interview has been with James Duncan Davidson talking about photography. So good I listened to it twice. Let’s hope they have him back on to talk about his recent road-trip.

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