The Joy of Coffee

The Joy of Coffee

  • The Essential Guide to Buying, Brewing and Enjoying
  • Corby Kummer

It wasn’t until I bought a little Krups espresso maker that I started to enjoy coffee more. From being a teenager I had always drunk black coffee, with sugar, at mealtimes and whenever the kettle was on. Part of the fascination about buying an espresso machine was finding out how it worked. All those attachments, filters and the nozzle for frothing milk. Previously the only apparatus that I bought was a one-cup press pot.

The book covers all aspects of coffee from growing the beans to cooking and baking with it. Some of the stranger brewing methods are discussed including using a glass vacuum pot and also a Neapolitan machine. Both possibly too adventurous to reach these shores.

Of course there is a whole chapter on making espresso, cappuccinos and lattes. The trouble that I have with the Krups is that when I make a cappuccino you have to drink it straight away before it goes cold. I pre-heat the cup, brew the espresso, then steam the milk until I can no longer hold the frothing pitcher. Pour the milk into the cup and spoon the froth on to the top. You can always drink it immediately. If you left it for more than a few minutes it would be cold.

I guess that buying new cups could help to retain the heat. Also the filter holder is only made of aluminium, is very light weight and so possibly doesn’t hold the heat very well. So a new machine could be on the cards.

An interesting and informative book if you like your coffee.

  • Reviewed on Saturday, 24 November 2007
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