Waking Up


For the first time in a long time I woke up hearing the radio instead of switching on a TV.

Ever since I’ve had a television in my bedroom I’ve set the alarm early so that I can have a little snooze and listen to breakfast television. This no doubt started when TV-AM was being broadcast on ITV. There wasn’t much point before that because all you would get was the test-card.

So many years and three televisions later I’ve switched to the wireless, or DAB to be precise. One reason is that I don’t think that the loft aerial won’t be good enough to get a digital signal after the switch over. If it is good enough then I don’t really want to buy a set-top box just for the couple of hours in a morning. And finally GMTV started to get on my nerves. So much so that I’ve stopped watching it altogether. It’s just the same reporters, the same actors, the same boy-bands miming in the studio and even the same adverts being shown at the same time every day. “Does searching for car insurance drive you crazy?” “But will I get 100% of my compensation?” I honestly think that the last straw was Heather Mills McCartney getting, more or less, a full half hour to rant on and on.

Now I just wake up to BBC Radio 5 live.

The Pure CHRONOS CD works really well and sounds great. The display dims depending on the light in the room and you can set the brightness for ‘on’ and ‘standby’ modes. It has 4 alarm settings so I have an early alarm for during the week and another a little later for the weekend. Setting the alarm can be a little tricky, the user manual isn’t all that great, but a couple of tests and you get the hang of it. The remote is a little overkill considering that it will be at the side of your bed anyway. The IR beam seems to only work if you are pointing directly at the sensor on the front and at the correct angle. Apart from these little niggles it works great. Clear digital sound, no hissing or crackling and no adverts.

I will miss Penny Smith though, that is the only downside.