Shop Rage

A month or so ago I heard a news item which reported that abuse/violence towards people who work in the retail sector was on the increase. Why would anyone be abusive towards a shop assistant? “Do you have these in a size 10 please?”. “Let me have a look for you… no I’m sorry we don’t.” Case closed, game over. You aren’t going to get angry about it, you’ll just go elsewhere, or do all your shopping on the internet.

I was a little perturbed to say the least… until today.

I had been looking for a DAB clock radio for some time and had finally settled on a Pure CHRONOS CD. My local Argos had one in stock, so I reserved it online and went to pick it up. I approached the checkout with the reservation number on a piece of paper and immediately the gentleman started calling me ‘sir’. This is not entirely inappropriate for my gender. Saying ‘sir’ once is a little creepy, saying it three or four times while you’re just trying to buy something is annoying to say the least.

Because the item is electrical and fairly expensive he started to try to sell me additional cover. I think that he only managed to say half a sentence before I said that I wasn’t interested. But he continued. He went on and on because he was obviously fresh out of Argos School and it must have been recently drilled into him. Usually they take ‘no’ for an answer. Occasionally they check again, just to confirm that you don’t want to take them up on the bargain of a lifetime. This one didn’t stop. Admittedly I tuned out after saying ‘no’ and just let him witter on. I should have faked narcolepsy and started snoring loudly.

He did eventually finish by saying something like, “£87 for five years additional cover sounds like a good deal to me.”

What the hell happened to “the customer is always right”? Not when it applies to an extended warranty.

  • Posted on Saturday, 03 November 2007
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