Turner Prize at Tate Liverpool

For some reason I got the idea that this was going to be a Turner Prize retrospective. It isn’t. It is a showing of the some of the entries for this years Turner Prize which will be announced next year, for the first time outside London, in Tate Liverpool.

Don’t ask me who I think is going to win because the works themselves seemed quite forgettable. Four room sized boxes with holes in the side which seemed to contain lots of fairy lights, some photographs (which seemed interesting), some words made out of light bulbs and a video installation.

The most interesting piece was two planks of wood that you had to step over to get in and out of one of the rooms. Imagine being a member of the Tate staff having to say, “Mind your step, it’s part of the exhibit.”, to everyone who came near to it.

The other galleries had had a bit of a shuffle around. New works by Jackson Pollock, which I hadn’t seen in Liverpool before, and a gallery devoted to Bridget Riley, someone who’s works I’ve always admired.

  • Posted on Friday, 02 November 2007
  • Tagged with culture