Having used every Mac OS X operating system since 10.1 (Puma) ordering Leopard from the Apple Store was inevitable.


Finally a consistent look again. No more of the blue/brushed steel/shaded grey look that plagued Tiger, everything is the same including the non-Apple applications.

The dock-on-the-shelf looks a little strange, especially with the blue dots under the glass indicating if an application is running. There is a terminal hack to switch it back to plain grey but I’ll just see how it goes.

The faded menu bar could take a little getting used to also.


The main thing that I bought it for. You can have 16 virtual desktops set-up and switch between each one of them. I usually keep opening and closing application windows as I’m checking email and news feeds as well as editing code and selecting songs in iTunes. Now I can just have email and news in one space, iTunes in another and edit in a different one. It all works well in a similar way to exposé (remember when that was the hot new thing?).

New Stuff

I finally have a chance to look at Front Row, which didn’t come with my G5 iMac. I doubt that it’ll get much use but it’s nice to know what I’ve missed. Photo Booth is also included but is pretty useless if you don’t have an iSight camera. I’ll have to try it with my Canon Powershot to see if that’ll work.

Time Machine, the external drive manufacturers favourite application, is another piece of software that won’t get used. I already use SuperDuper! for backups and at least that will create a bootable copy. Not that I’ve tried it yet. Thankfully Time Machine isn’t switched on by default.

Not Working

My Cocoa Gestures, that I’ve relied upon in Safari for ages, don’t work and neither does the full gesture suite.

Photoshop Elements 2 doesn’t work and crashes when it tries to load. The excuse from Adobe is that they had to wait for someone to go down to the nearest Apple Store and purchase a copy of Leopard before they could work on a fix. Pathetic excuse. Unfortunately I don’t think that they’ll be patching the version 2 for the Mac as it’s really old. Version 6 is out for the PeeCee but not for the Apple platform until early next year. That leaves me a little stuck as I use Elements with my scanner to process negatives. So I might have to purchase a more recent copy of Elements to get it all working again.

To Do

I haven’t installed the latest Xcode yet.

I also haven’t looked at the virtual hosts that I had set-up in Apache. They always go AWOL after an update but thankfully this time I took a copy of the configuration folders.

That’s before I start looking at the Ruby, the Rails set-up and download any missing gems.

No doubt I shall have to look at the Leopard guided tour video again to see if there are any features that I’ve missed.

  • Posted on Friday, 26 October 2007
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