Work and Other Sins

Work and Other Sins

  • Life in New York City and Thereabouts
  • Charlie LeDuff
  • Pop Culture

I heard about this book when Charlie LeDuff was interviewed by David Lee Roth back in the days when Roth still had Roth on the Radio.

The book is a large collection of short biographies of the people that Charlie has met as a newspaper reporter. The Sex and the City gloss of New York is scrubbed and scratched away exposing a darker reality.

Most of the reports are about two pages long, which makes this an ideal book to just dip into occasionally as each chapter is self contained.

The one thing that will stay with me is the photograph by Vincent Laforet which accompanies Where Is King Kong When a Bulb Goes Out?. It is Deke Johnson’s job to scale the 1,454 feet and 6 9/16th inches of the Empire State Building to change the bulb in the aviation beacon. The photograph shows two men working on the antenna, but is taken from above them.

  • Reviewed on Sunday, 14 October 2007
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