No queue for the iPhone

iPhone QueueiPhone Queue

Contrary to recent rumours there is no iPhone queue outside the Apple Store on Regent Street, London.

My colleague and I walked, in the drizzle, from The Magic Circle to the Apple Store to see if the rumour was true. It isn’t. I was hoping that the Apple faithful were out in force but they weren’t.

A little disappointed not to be the 10 millionth customer but we were just glad to be out of the crowds and the rain. The 10 million customers statistic can’t be all that accurate as I’m sure 8.25 million are tourists who just go in to check their emails. Even my colleague was quite shocked to see so many people at Macs just checking email… so he decided to check his own on a Mac Book.

  • Posted on Tuesday, 09 October 2007
  • Tagged with apple