I'm blaming Pipex...


I’m blaming Pipex for this of course.

A few months ago I started to use my del.icio.us bookmarking account again. I had set it up months, possibly as much as a year, before and never used it. Now I wanted to be able to have all my bookmarks in the one place, searchable and taggable, so that I could look at them on the Microshite® Windows XP laptop that I have to use for work and also on my iMac. I also wanted to add links that I found interesting, along with a little note, here on my web-site.

Importing my Safari bookmarks was simple enough, adding my Wordpress ones later was a little laborious. But I wanted to have everything in one place. And of course I weeded out the links that no longer worked and spent countless hours adding meaningful tags to them all.

After awhile I used the del.icio.us API to extract any bookmarks tagged with ‘linkcast’ and list them on the sidebar. Everything was going great, adding new bookmarks and adding bookmarks that were of special interest, along with a little note, to appear on my site.

About a month ago looking at my bookmarks and adding new ones became tortuous. Each time the browser would try to access their site it would timeout saying that the server was not responding. This was on my iMac, so I tried another browser, Firefox, and the same thing happened. I tried my work laptop using both Firefox, Safari and as a last hope IE and still the same thing. Emptying caches, resetting, deleting favicons and rebooting didn’t do anything so I contacted del.icio.us. Within a couple of days I received a reply saying that they had rebuilt my user account and that if the problem was still occurring they would look into it further.

Alas, that didn’t do the trick.

The strange thing was that it wasn’t just accessing my account that was slow, it seemed to be the entire site, even just the main page. I searched around Google Groups and Technorati to see if anyone else was having the same problem but I seemed to be on my own.

On Tuesday I found a support e-mail address for my ISP, PIPEX, so I sent them a quick note describing what had happened and asking if they knew of a problem connecting to del.icio.us. I have yet to receive a response. But miraculously I can now access my bookmarks on del.icio.us without any problem. The web-pages display really fast and I no longer get timeouts adding new bookmarks to my account.

So did Pipex put some kind of throttle on a particular IP address? I know I must have accessed the site quite often while I was sorting things out but each page is about 99% text. Besides I have an ‘unlimited’ account with no cap on the amount that I can download, or upload for that matter. I’m sure Pipex have something to hide.

  • Posted on Friday, 21 September 2007
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