First Roll...


Well I’ve had the first roll of film developed and I must say that the majority of the photos have turned out quite well. A few were over exposed but considering that I didn’t have a meter that’s to be expected.

For the first of the test shots I used the meter in my Canon PowerShot S50 to give me a rough guide. The last half of the roll I just set the Perfekt to f/8 and 1/20 the same fixed aperture and shutter speed of the Kompakt. Since then I’ve bought a little light meter so with any luck the next roll will be better.

Wildings developed this first roll. At £3.99 I didn’t think that it was too much to pay, but they did slice through the first image thinking that it was just taken with a standard 35mm camera. Those just took a week. Jessops, who are going to tackle the next roll, are going to take two weeks to develop the film. Lets hope they slice it correctly.

I did think that I should just tell them not to cut the negatives into strips. My scanner could scan 6 of these panoramic exposures at a time but with this first roll they were were cut into twos to fit into the plastic wallet. I have also considered developing the film my self. It can’t be all that difficult can it? I’m sure when I used to read photography magazines you could develop film without a dark room. Now that would be fun!

  • Posted on Thursday, 23 August 2007
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