Turning the Place Over

Turning the Place OverTurning the Place Over

Because I had to visit Liverpool, for a little company get together, I took the opportunity to see Turning the Place Over a work by Richard Wilson. The piece is an 8 metre oval cut in an old building opposite Moorfields Station. The section that was cut out rotates around and out before returning to complete the building. This process is repeated over and over with each rotation only lasting about 30 seconds.

For me the most interesting part is figuring out how the cut was made through, concrete, glass, wood and even the radiators fixed to the interior walls. Then fitting the motorised equipment, which is only to be found in power stations, into the building.

Before the visit I watched a BBC video report about the work and the reactions of the people on the street. Of course there is always one person who goes on about it being a waste of money. That there are people starving in the world. But I bet that people were doing the same when Michelangelo was painting the Sistine Chapel ceiling.

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  • Posted on Wednesday, 27 June 2007
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