WWDC 2007 Keynote

Ballmer's Head (shown actual size)Ballmer's Head
(shown actual size)

Well, Steve still had a few surprises up his turtle-neck sleeve for this keynote. Most of which hadn’t even been mentioned on any of the rumour sites in the build up to the big event.

Leopard thankfully was the main attraction, I mean it had to be considering that it was the Worldwide Developers Conference. The brushed metal interface has finally had it’s day. Even with Tiger there wasn’t a consistent look to the OS, so Leopard will no doubt have the shaded grey look of the latest iTunes. A new 3D look to the Dock, Stacks for those people who have more than 3 desktop icons and at last a new Finder. The Finder has been due for a refresh for a while now and gets a new coverflow view. The Spaces feature I would probably use quite a bit to keep development and other things in separate areas. All the other stuff, the new iChat, Time Machine and web clips I would probably try just the once and then never use again. And I can’t/wouldn’t want to use Boot Camp.

Leopard shipping in October. Basic version, $129. Premium version, $129. Business version, $129, Enterprise version, $129. Ultimate version, $129.

You have to love the little digs at Microshite® especially when you consider the options when buying a copy of Vista. When I saw “Basic version, $129” appear on the feed, hell he had me worried for a minute.


Yes, the bit we’ve all been waiting for. A hardware announcement was out of the question so it had to be software related. Safari for Windows. If the stats are true, and why wouldn’t they be, it’ll be twice as fast as IE7. Now how long did it take Microshite® to get IE7 out into the world? No need to look it up because it took years and years and years. You can’t tell how long Safari for Windows has been in development but to port/write a browser to another OS and make it fast is some achievement. If it uses the same rendering engine as Safari on OSX, and I don’t see why it wouldn’t, then it will be more compliant then IE7. That’s one hell of a poke in the eye to Beastmaster Bill who seems to be loosing ground on all fronts. The only problem is the people who buy a PeeCee and just use the default browser that comes with it. Getting them to switch away from IE will be difficult because they just aren’t tech-savy enough to realise that you can do that. I’ll certainly be trying it on my work laptop.

Thanks to MacRumorsLive.com I watched the keynote via the self updating web-page.