Catching The Big Fish

Catching The Big Fish

  • Meditation, Consciousness, And Creativity
  • David Lynch
  • Biography/Self Help

I bought this book because, I’m a fan of David Lynch, and because I heard that he meditates.

Unfortunately the book doesn’t go into how to meditate, which was something of a disappointment to me. David writes about what meditation does for him, its benefits and how he has used it to tap into new levels of creativity. He also writes about his films all the way up to, and including, INLAND EMPIRE. Using DV cameras allowed him to be more creative than standard 35mm film would. He says that he would never go back to using film, and it was interesting that he doesn’t use a HD camera because the picture is too good.

You would think that meditation is just something that Yogis did in the far east. That it would have no place in the cut and thrust 24-7 world of the west. But for David Lynch to be this passionate about it means that it has to be something worth looking into.

If, like me, you like David Lynch then you’ll enjoy getting pulled into his mind, hook, line and sinker.

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  • Reviewed on Sunday, 03 June 2007
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