Derren Brown at The Lowry

Derren BrownDerren Brown

If you’ve seen Derren Brown’s Channel 4 shows or even watched Something Wicked This Way Comes, which was a recording of his 2006 tour, then you know what to expect. He uses “magic, suggestion, psychology, misdirection and showmanship” to great effect. And because the shows are 90% audience participation no two evenings will be the same. I’m not going to recount exactly what happened, because I know for a fact that you surfed to these pages for that very reason (see I have spooky mind-reading powers too). If you enjoy the TV shows you’ll enjoy the evening at the theatre even more.

One word of caution - if you catch a Frisbee and go on stage to write an object onto a piece of paper, don’t put “rhombus”. Because I fear that Derren will put a spell on you if he encounters two smart arses on the same tour.

My head still hurts from trying to figure out how it’s all done.

Stephen Fry:

I just want to burn him at the stake and watch his witch’s heart bubble.

Empire Magazine:

The closest our galaxy can boast to a Jedi master.