Yes, I felt that a little redesign was in order.

I wrote a little Ruby script the other weekend to scrape my Digg RSS feed so that recently Dugg links could be listed on my blog. All it does is read in the XML, cut-out the titles and links and writes them out to a dugg.php file as list items. The file is then included in the sidebar. This is done, more or less, every hour for the hours in the day that I’m awake and could be Digging. All done on the web-server with a cron job. Of course Digg have now released an API which I will no doubt tinker with at some time. For the moment this way works fine.

This is the first time that I’ve written the stylesheet from scratch. The last one was based on Kubrick, the Wordpress default and so had lots of elements that I didn’t need or use.

A sidebar has been added which either has a double or single column based on the content. That was to make it easier to navigate without scrolling down to the links in the footer.

Each theme is still generated by a little Ruby program that I wrote. The switching is done with a change to the Wordpress stylesheet selector which switches the theme based on the current week.

  • Posted on Tuesday, 24 April 2007
  • Tagged with rails ruby web