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  • James Edward Gray II
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When I started to learn about Ruby On Rails I watched the screen casts and was amazed at how the HTML tags and code would magically appear. Of course when I was reading through the first Rails book I thought that it would okay to just use vim to edit the files. I mean I use vim at work, but then again our source code isn’t split into sub-directories.

So I bought TextMate and haven’t used anything else since.

TextMate looks really clean and simple. The usual menu items and some information on the footer line of each window and that’s it. You kind of expect multiple toolbars and icons galore but there aren’t any. It’s only when you start to dig around and open the Bundle Editor that you realise the power that’s under the hood.

To really get the most out of the software you need a good book. A book that will teach you all the tips, tricks and shortcuts that will save you time and make you more productive. That’s what this book will do. I’ve read through it once away from my iMac but it’s certainly a book that you’ll need to work with at the keyboard.