CSS Mastery

CSS Mastery

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So you’ve read Zeldman and you’ve been sucked into the whole ‘web standards’ vortex. You’ve worked through Meyer and you have seen how powerful CSS can be. You surf the web and keep seeing cunning little CSS tricks and you think ‘how the bloody hell did they manage that’. You open the source code, and the stylesheet, and another stylesheet, hoping to be enlightened but after half an hour you give up trying to track that little nugget down. You have RSS feeds from all the cool web-design sites but you start to spend over an hour a day reading it all.

This all happened to me.

I heard Paul Boag on the Boagworld Podcast recommend this book and at the time I thought, “surely I don’t need another web-design book”. Apparently I did.

Andy’s book covers every CSS styling trick you could possibly want to use: layouts, links, nav bars, forms, data tables and background images. I never really understood how “sliding doors” navigation tabs worked, but I do now. And how you can have boxes with rounded corners stretch when the font size increases. All good stuff.

I started to use some the techniques in the book almost immediately while I was working on a site for my dear uncle Sir Les Patterson.

If you just dabble with web-sites and are looking to improve your CSS skills, or if you think you know it all, this book should always be within reach.