Penn Radio - The End

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that's 7366

Well that was a shock. I updated my podcasts in iTunes to see that the March 2nd Penn Radio Podcast had a description of ‘The End’.

Over the past year and a bit I must have listened to them all at least once. All the guests that have been on, the ‘Ask Layperson Penn’ shows (“Is that Doctor Penn?”), ‘Monkey Tuesday’ (the theme is still my ringtone), ‘The Blow Dryer Story’, Nurse Goudeau fixing Penn’s finger, the finger snaps during the intro music and ‘Pull of the Weasel’ Fridays. Way too many good times to mention.

Thankfully Penn said that he hopes that all the show will still be available to download. You only seem to be able to download the last 90 shows in iTunes.

Never better boss, never better.

It frightens me, the awful truth of how sweet life can be.

  • Posted on Monday, 05 March 2007
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