Rich Hall in The Pink Room

Rich HallRich Hall

The Pink Room is in fact his description of the Quays Theatre at The Lowry. Rich mentioned that he has played The Lowry 18 times and has never been booked into the Lyric Theatre, where Footloose was being staged tonight. The fact that he had held court at the Quays so many times didn’t surprise me as I had seen him there only about 14 months ago.

Before Rich came on he introduced Craig Campbell, a comedian from Canada who now lives in Devon. As he said during his act it’s the only place where he could blend in. Craig looks like Jesus Christ, has the mannerisms of Reverend Jim Ignatowski from Taxi and sounds like Denis Leary. Not a bad combination. Being from overseas he had some great observations about English life. Round-a-bouts should be approached “with confidence and speed” and nowhere on our motorway network does it say what the speed limit is.

Rich Hall had obviously spent the wardrobe budget for this tour on beer. Usually when he appears on TV he is wearing a sequinned cowboy shirt… but not tonight. He touched on many varied subjects: Bush and his posse, Catholics, The Make Poverty History concerts and gophers. I remember laughing a lot but can’t remember much more that he said. He readily admits that he still doesn’t have a good ending to his act. So, as an encore, he asked for subjects from the audience. Someone shouted out Tom Cruise and another execuglide. Execuglide is a sniglet which Rich made popular in the eighties. From there he ended his act by telling us about how lied to a taxi driver by saying that he was a rocket scientist on the trail of a stray projectile. “So aren’t you gonna make any more sniglets then?”, the taxi driver asked.

Compared to the last time I saw Rich he didn’t interact with the audience as much. Being in a dead centre seat four rows from the front I was quietly relieved. And he didn’t sing or play the keyboard or piano. After all just Rich Hall and a microphone is better than no Rich Hall at all. We should just be thankful that he was there tonight as this show was just a warm-up before Runcorn.

  • Posted on Saturday, 10 February 2007
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