Spinal Tap

I’ve recently re-archived my video archive onto DVD-R and have been watching programs that have lain in the vault for many years. Including 2 appearances of the legendary Spinal Tap on Tonight with Jonathan Ross. The first is from 27/03/1992 and the second from 08/04/1992 both broadcast on Channel 4. The Tap were, at the time, promoting the Break Like The Wind CD.

Putting this remarkable footage on YouTube has lead me to recall 4 Tap related incidents:

  1. At my previous place of employment a young Stuart Lax once enquired, “Yes Carl, but aren’t Spinal Tap a spoof band?” I immediately corrected him by saying, “No Stu, they’re a rock band… they don’t play spoof!”.

  2. On stage at the Freddie Mercury tribute concert at Wembley Stadium David St. Hubbins said, “We have cut our set short by 2 and a half hours because… Freddie would have wanted it that way”.

  3. When Kerrang! magazine reviewed Spinal Taps appearance at the above tribute concert they noted that upon leaving the stage their drummer tripped, fell and was rushed to hospital. His condition was later described as predictable.

  4. When the Break Like The Wind CD was released, debuting at 0 in the UK album charts, David St. Hubbins was asked why his long-time girlfriend Janine and himself had never had children. He replied, “We’ve had all the tests and I don’t want to apportion blame in anyway but one of us has a low sperm count”.

As of 17/11/2009 all 4 videos have been taken down due to copyright infringement as a result of a third-party notification from Rights. TV.

  • Posted on Friday, 09 February 2007
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