Macworld Keynote Address

Macworld Keynote AddressMacworld Keynote Address

Finally you can download the Macworld Keynote Address in iTunes.

I’ve been watching these keynotes since I bought my first iMac back in 2002 and I always wanted to be able to download them. Now I can.

I could never figure out why they were always streamed. If you didn’t have a fast connection, or if the server was being hit hard, then you didn’t have much fun watching QuickTime stop and start and then buffer some more video. This is so much better, even with a download that is over 1 gig in size. The quality is great obviously and it has replay value. You can watch it again and count how many times Steve says ‘iTV’ and how many times his says ‘boom’ during the iPhone demonstration.

  • Posted on Friday, 12 January 2007
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