Best of 2006...


Yes, Virginia...Yes, Virginia...

Yes, The Dresden Dolls take the top spot for the second year in a row.

Looking back I have listened to lots of good music but nothing that really got me excited. Back in the day I would buy a CD by a band and like it so much that I’d buy all of their CD’s. I’d flick through old issues of Kerrang! so that I could re-read old interviews, album and gig reviews. I’d read all the lyrics and notes on album covers and CD inserts. That doesn’t happen anymore.


Agile Web Development with RailsAgile Web Development with Rails

For another year the books that I’ve read have been more technical and I can’t see that changing. You read one book that that gets you interested in a subject and then you realise exactly how much you don’t know. I think that this year is the only year that I’ve read a book and then had trouble sleeping. My mind just keeps churning over and over the things that I’ve read. How could you write automated tests for part of an application that you haven’t written yet?


Penn Radio PodcastPenn Radio Podcast

I’ve listened to Podcasts more this year than I’ve listened to music. Hell, I must be one of only a handful of people worldwide who has the theme to Monkey Tuesday as his ring-tone.


None. Absolutely nothing. I’ve rented 6 DVDs per month from, I’ve bought quite a few myself and none of them really stand out. Gone are the times when I’ve rented a film and immediately wanted to buy it so that I could watch it again. I have bought Spirited Away, after renting it and that is the only film that has left an impression on me.

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