Isn't technology wonderful... Part 1

iPod nano 8GBiPod nano 8GB

A few weeks ago I bought a little 8GB iPod nano. Yes, I realise that I could have spent about £30 more and bought a 30GB iPod but, to be honest, I didn’t want something that big. The iPod isn’t that big, when you think of the storage and the display, but I did need something that would easily fit into the top pocket of my shirt.

The first generation 1GB iPod shuffle, which I ordered when it was announced, has served me well. I never needed a screen because I only ever used it when I was doing other things. I just loaded it with songs and switched it to shuffle play and that was it. Of course there were times that I needed a display. I would buy a new CD, import it into iTunes and transfer it to the shuffle so that I could listen to it. If the shuffle already contained 200 songs then the new tracks were completely lost in the mix. You could listen on shuffle play and hope to hear a new song or you could switch it so that it played the songs in sequence and press the skip button until you found the new album. Obviously, on occasion, I would just transfer the last few albums that I’d purchased and leave the rest of the iPod shuffle empty.

The other thing is podcasts. The iPod shuffle isn’t built for podcasts. I listen to a few podcasts while I’m sat at my iMac. But, I find that I can’t do anything that requires concentration when I’m listening to something. Yes, I can’t walk and chew gum at the same time. Yes, I can’t walk and have a telephone conversation at the same time. Not that anyone ever rings me.

Last night I transferred the podcasts that I hadn’t listened to during the week to my iPod nano. Just so I could listen to the Penn Radio and Ruby on Rails podcasts while I was washing clothes and cleaning and hoovering. Of course I don’t know what the neighbours think. They no doubt hear me laughing when I’m watching something on TV but to hear a laugh surrounded by complete silence must seem strange. No stranger than usual I suppose.

  • Posted on Saturday, 04 November 2006
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