The Pragmatic Programmer

The Pragmatic Programmer

  • from journeyman to master
  • Andrew Hunt & David Thomas
  • Programming/Software Engineering

Over the last few years I have become quite addicted to reading books on web design, programming languages and software development in general. I can’t think why because in the past I was only concerned with anything but. When I returned home in the evening I certainly didn’t want to start learning about another programming language.

The Pragmatic Programmer should really be required reading for anyone who is seriously looking at being a developer. You may not heed every piece of advice, you may not even agree with all of advice that is given but it will give you a better understanding of programming as a whole.

I enjoyed the book basically because I just sat there saying to myself, “That’s what we should be doing at work!”, “That’s what I should be doing instead of what I’m doing now!”. It’s given me the enthusiasm to automate procedures, to make the computer work for me/us instead of the other way around. Of course I couldn’t do this kind of thing without the Ruby language.

One thing happened on Friday while I was working. Now, I don’t want to apportion blame on any particular hardware/software platform but I was deleting a file. I think the file was only about 3k in size and the little piece of paper was flying across the little progress window. Of course this is annoying as this takes at least 30 seconds to perform. I typically have 3 command windows open for development. Tip 21 in this book is Use the Power of Command Shells.

  • Reviewed on Saturday, 28 October 2006
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