Pipex Homecall... yet again

Another month, another bill from Pipex Homecall but the same cock-up. The current tally, if you are playing along at home, is 2 correct bills against 2 incorrect bills. It doesn’t take a maths whiz to calculate just a 50% success rate. And all because I rang to complain that I hadn’t received my free internet speed boost.

At least I have figured out what this Anytime service is that is costing me £12.50 extra a month. It apparently allows you to make free calls. I haven’t looked into it too deeply because I don’t need it. It is a mistake. I in fact only made 3 landline calls last month and, drum-roll please, one of those was to Pipex Homecall to complain about the bill for the previous month. I was going to call the customer service(?) department again but I would only have started to use some of my industrial strength expletives, which I save for such occasions. Instead I have sent a registered letter to their Customer Relations Review Service asking that the Anytime service be removed and that £25 is credited back to my account. If that doesn’t work then it’s onward and upward to the The Office of Telecommunications Ombudsman to ask them to review the complaint.

  • Posted on Wednesday, 11 October 2006
  • Tagged with moans