Who On Earth Is Tom Baker?

Who On Earth Is Tom Baker?

I decided to find out more about Tom Baker when I read an entertaining interview with him in the Metro newspaper. It was just the 60 Second Interview but it was obviously enough to try to find out more about the man himself. Even just reading the printed page I could hear Tom’s distinctive voice booming out the answers.

The book covers Tom’s catholic upbringing in Liverpool, his time as a monk, being an employee-come-nurse-come-slave to his in-laws, his work in the theatre (or lack of it) in London, Doctor Who (obviously), his drinking and finally his settling down in the country.

Me being of a certain age the role I most associate Tom with is Doctor Who. Surprisingly when he was offered the role he was working on a building site and had to keep his exciting news secret from the other labourers and his boss. Of course when the news did break even photographs of his colleagues made the papers.

It’s in interesting read. It has it’s ups and downs but this is true to life. Who would have thought that he used to drink with Francis Bacon and Jeffrey Bernard, that he loves ironing and has his own gravestone with just one date to fill in. He’s recently become more popular as the voice of Little Britain and to think that at one time he was always mistaken for Miriam Margolyes!

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