Happy Birthday Penny Smith

Penny SmithPenny Smith

A few years ago now I started to collect signed photographs of people that I liked and admired. When I received the photos I framed them and hung them on the walls of my little semi-detached penthouse flat.

I’ve long been a fan of Penny Smith who has been a presenter/newsreader on GMTV for many years. So, I sent the following little note via the GMTV web-site including my postal address.

I am a huge fan of that twentysomething singleton Penny Smith. It would surely make my millennium if I could have a signed photo.

Hugs and kisses,


I thought at the time that it was short, sweet and mildly amusing. Time passed, as it does, and I forgot all about my little request.

What must have been over a month later I received a brown envelope in the post with a London postmark. I couldn’t think what it could be. I hadn’t ordered anything. It didn’t have any company name or address on it… then I remembered my note to GMTV. My hands were shaking as I sliced open the envelope to reveal an autographed picture of a chunky little leprechaun!!

Maybe I seemed a little too forward in my request for Penny’s autograph. Maybe she told her assistant to send me the wrong picture as punishment. I haven’t had the nerve to ask for another one.

  • Posted on Thursday, 21 September 2006
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