My last visit to Edinburgh was so long ago that I don’t remember a great deal about it. It was on the train. The engine had to be changed at Carstairs for some reason. And we did the usual tourist things, visited the castle and walked up and down Princess Street and the Royal Mile. This was all crammed into a day. We must have got up really early as the train journey is over 3 hours each way.

To visit somewhere I need to have a reason. In this case it was the Ron Mueck exhibition at the Royal Scottish Academy Building in Edinburgh.

When I read about the exhibition I booked the train, hotel accommodation and even the exhibition ticket itself on the internet. To get the cheapest train ticket the journey north involved going east a little first. A train to Manchester Piccadilly, York and finally Edinburgh. The ticket noted all the times and the seat reservations but there was only about 15 minutes between connections. Knowing British Rail of old I was sure that I’d miss a connection but surprisingly everything went smoothly and without a hitch.

Of course, sat at my local station, there was a train that stopped which was going directly to Edinburgh. When I booked the ticket online a direct route wasn’t an option and no doubt would have cost big bucks anyway.

I arrived just after lunch, found the hotel, unpacked the few things that I’d taken and had a wander around. The weather was fine and warm but the country was being battered by the tail end of hurricane Gordon so the high winds made walking difficult to say the least. After a couple of hours I’d had enough and headed back to the hotel with a thumping headache. This could have been brought on by the inclement weather but now I think it was borderline caffeine withdrawal.

  • Posted on Wednesday, 20 September 2006
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