Pipex Homecall... again

I phoned Pipex Homecall again today to query the bill that I received in the post on Friday. My telephone bill should be about £12 and this bill was for £29. A bit of an increase I’m sure you’ll agree.

The chap that I spoke to asked if I had changed my broadband connection recently and which company was supplying my internet connection at present. Yes, I had indeed spoke to Pipex Homecall a couple of weeks ago and enquired about the speed boost that I was promised when I signed up. The person who took the call had set me up with Homecall Anytime. So it looks now as if I’m paying for my little 2meg line twice. Of course I stated that I was with Pipex for my internet connection.

He said that I shouldn’t have been set up with Homecall Anytime, no kidding, and that I had really been mis-sold this fabled free speed boost. He didn’t actually say ‘mis-sold’ but said that the person doing the selling at the time was offering something that Pipex couldn’t deliver. He said that they would honour the contract that I signed up with and that his manager would ring me to discuss the matter. I’m waiting for the call.

  • Posted on Tuesday, 12 September 2006
  • Tagged with moans