Pipex Homecall... continued

This morning I phoned Pipex Homecall to ask about my broadband upgrade. They originally said that the speed boost to 8meg would be, more or less, for free if I switched my landline to Pipex Homecall. This was all supposed to happen on or around 22nd July. It didn’t.

The chap I spoke to sounded like he had only just joined the company straight from school. He took down my account and address details and said that he would send a message to Pipex Broadband saying that I wanted the £29 package upgrade. I tried to explain that all of this should have been done for free as part of the switch to Homecall. He didn’t seem to understand, or was unaware of this deal. Anyway, I shall wait and see if Pipex Broadband get their act together. I don’t really have much faith in either company but at least my phone and my 2meg line are working fine.

  • Posted on Thursday, 24 August 2006
  • Tagged with moans