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United Utilities sent me a water bill. I did what I had done for the last bill in February and logged onto their web-site, entered my account and credit card details and paid the bill. I did this as soon as I received the bill. I don’t wait for the red bill I want to get it paid and out of the way so that I don’t forget it. You have to pay these things anyway. It’s a necessary evil. So, I logged onto the web-site typed in my details and clicked on the ‘Submit Payment’ button and… nothing. Absolutely nothing. The page wasn’t trying to refresh. There wasn’t an error. Nothing nothing nothing. Just to be sure I tried paying using the Firefox browser. Still nothing. I had a look around their site and found a link to a web form to send a note to customer services. I explained that the online payment mechanism wasn’t working and that it had worked for me before. That message was sent over a week ago and United Utilities haven’t responded.

What really bugs me is the fact that these huge companies have vast IT/Systems departments. They probably have a team dedicated to online payments and no one seemed to notice that it wasn’t working. They must be able to monitor this kind of thing. Surely if 2,543 are getting to stage 1 of the 3 stage payment process and only 250 people get to stage 3 then that should set off alarm bells somewhere.

  • Posted on Monday, 21 August 2006
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