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British GasBritish Gas

It looks like British Gas have screwed up again!!

Last month they sent me 2 red reminders via snail mail. This is of course after I had signed up for the “£5 paperless billing discount” which I had done back in August 2003. I must admit, up until now, they’ve been fine. They’ve sent me an e-mail and I’ve always paid the bill immediately.

Now they’ve sent a bill reminder, thankfully via e-mail with a subject of “Electricity red bill reminder - Important”, so I’ve tried to login to check my account. Their web-servers must be taking a hell of a battering as switching pages and logging in can take 3 minutes per page refresh. I eventually managed it and both my outstanding gas and electric statements are showing a grand total of £0.00.

It looks as if they’ve sent a vast amount of these reminders out and the world and his wife is checking their accounts. God help Amanda MacKenzie when her boss finds out what she’s done!!!

  • Posted on Monday, 07 August 2006
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