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Pipex HomecallPipex Homecall

A couple of months ago I had a call from Pipex Homecall. The sales guy said that if I switch from BT for my landline calls I could same some money and they would upgrade my existing broadband from 2meg to 8meg. I obviously didn’t need to think for very long to decide that this was a good deal. I mean I would even keep my caller display all for less money. About a month after the call my landline was switched over with no disruption or broadband downtime. They sent me an e-mail saying that the speed upgrade should take place on 22nd July. It didn’t. Last week I sent them an e-mail asking when the upgrade would take place… I have yet to receive a reply.

Yesterday I checked ADSLGuide to test my connection speed, 1.8meg which is about right for a 2meg line. I had a little look around the Pipex forum. Now, of course you have to look at the big picture when reading forum postings. Someone who is happy with Pipex Broadband wouldn’t post to these forums, they would instead just be using their broadband to do other things. There was a huge thread of complaints about Pipex Homecall and a link to a Watchdog page on the BBC. It seems that Pipex have bought Homecall to expand their customer base but that Homecall had a really bad reputation with Watchdog receiving over 400 complaints.

So where does this leave me and people like me who have signed up? Well, my broadband is fine and my phone still works, I’m just missing the speed upgrade to my internet connection. Possibly I could get out of the 12 month contract by saying that they promised a speed boost as part of the deal but this hasn’t happened. I’m inclined to just wait and see what happens. This certainly doesn’t give me a great deal of confidence in either Pipex or Pipex Homecall.

Pipex Homecall… continued
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  • Posted on Sunday, 06 August 2006
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