Dustbins & Doughnuts...

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Because my trip to London was all pre-booked I had to depart at a set time. I was completely fine with this as the trip on the train only cost £25, with reserved seating, against the £54.20 it cost me for the same trip last year. This meant that I had time to kill wandering around the capital with the tourists until the 8:05pm train back home.

So I decided to get something to eat at Euston station and sit outside watching people pass by. Outside the station there are benches for people to sit on but there are no litter bins are nearby. This is no doubt to stop of the possibility of someone planting a bomb in a rubbish bin and killing innocent commuters. But, just outside the plaza area (about 50 yards away, as the pigeon flies) there are 3 dustbins that only seem to be used by the gentlemen sat on benches drinking Tennents Super. There is obviously no point putting the bins where they are needed, and where they might actually be used, near the picnic tables.

In this plaza area I saw a Krispy Kreme doughnut stall and decided to try some. Now, as anyone who knows me will know, I hate anything fancy. If I buy anything it has to serve it’s purpose and no more. If I buy a watch it has to tell the time, the date and have a countdown timer for rice and pasta. I don’t want to know the time in Moscow, where north is or how high up I am I just want to know the time. On the rare occasion that I buy clothes they must not, under any circumstances, have any kind of slogan or label on them at all. Plain and functional that is all I need. While I’m on this subject, and by way of a little detour, I’ve seen people wearing ‘FCUK’ t-shirts with what looks like biro scribbles on the front. Now, I hated the ‘FCUK Wit’ slogan t-shirts with a passion. No doubt both types of t-shirt costs £25 so good luck to anyone foolish enough to buy one. But the biro ones? You could make your own with a £10 white t-shirt and a laundry marker. Anyway, back to the doughnuts… they have to be plain and round with a hole in the middle. No jam no chocolate no rainbow sprinkles. Just normal. So I liked the look of the plain glazed Krispy Kreme doughnuts. I asked for 2 and the guy said I could have 2 in a box for the same price. Fine by me! I thought that he said £1.08 but no he actually said £1.80. By this point I was drooling out of both sides of my mouth, the only way I know I’m truly vertical, so I was in no fit state to argue. These had better be damned good because I’m sure Tesco’s could sell you 50 for £2. I ripped one end of the box open, grabbed a doughnut and bit into it… there was a lot of glaze and very little doughnut. In fact if it wasn’t for the sugar around my mouth I could have sworn that I’d missed the doughnut altogether and just snapped at the smog laden air. I ate them both, I had been walking all day and so was low on refined sugar, but at 90p each I didn’t go back for more.

This morning I bought 5 ring doughnuts from Sainsbury’s, not glazed I’ll have to admit, just sugared. Total cost 59p for the 5 which equates to 0.118p per doughnut. And with twice as much substance as the Krispy Kremes I know which I would rather have.

  • Posted on Sunday, 06 August 2006
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