Weird Links...

Karolyne Smith sold her forehead as advertising space on eBay last year. Golden Palace eventually used eBay’s “Buy it now” button and paid US$10,000 for inch high letters. Thankfully employees of the tattoo parlour protested about the act but obviously not for very long.

I saw a clip on YouTube a few weeks ago of Criss Angel pulling a woman in half. Well, he didn’t actually do the pulling he just did the laying on of hands part. When I saw it for the first time I was quite surprised but obviously knew it was a just a trick. I’ve since found out that the woman who played the top half was Rosemarie Siggins from Colorado. She was born with deformed legs that were amputated when she was young. A similar condition to the one that Johnny Eck had.

Now, if you listen to Penn Jillette’s podcast you will know what day it is… it can only be Monkey Tuesday (Pop’s they’re so much like us). I just so happened to be reading Fortean Times at lunch today and saw a review of a book called Crossing the Line by Paul Screeton. The magazine gave the book 8 out of 10 and obviously a favourable review. What caught my eye was a photo of a baboon (they count as monkeys don’t they?) called Jack operating railway signals on the Port Elizabeth main line. His ‘owner’ is also pictured being supported by a great pair of false legs. A quick google produced a page dedicated to Jack the Signalman.

  • Posted on Tuesday, 18 July 2006
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