Out with the old...

Out with the oldOut with the old

My little web-site has had a quick re-design over the weekend.

The ads and badges have gone from the left sidebar and it’s been dropped to the bottom. The links sidebar on the right has disappeared altogether. It did seem to get out of hand, with every web-site that I thought was good getting a mention. The links are still in WordPress so they might reappear as a separate page, especially if there’s a link that I want. It’ll be interesting to see if my Google rank or my site hits per month drop off the chart.

The scrolling idea was pinched from poocs.net, oh you haven’t found it yet?

I did contemplate switching to a Ruby on Rails blog engine after looking at the code behind the quotes WordPress plugin. It’s all in PHP, obviously, and I couldn’t figure out how to just list 250 quotes on a page. At least I know more about Ruby and Rails now so I could write something in that instead. I looked at Typo again and downloaded a few of the themes. The Lucid theme really caught my eye by Jamie. I tried to get Typo working locally so that I could import my WordPress stuff but kept having trouble even connecting to the admin pages. I never have trouble with my own Rails applications I just run webrick in the directory and that’s it. I also had a look at Mephisto and couldn’t get that to work either. I’m way too busy with my own little Rails application to look into it further.

  • Posted on Tuesday, 04 July 2006
  • Tagged with rails ruby web