I bought a Psion 3a PDA many years ago, primarily to keep track of stock prices in the spreadsheet application. It was a wonderful little piece of hardware and at £400 expensive at the time considering that it only had 2mb of memory on board. You could expand it by buying either Flash SSD or Ram SSD but I never needed to. Yes, 2mb was indeed enough for what I used it for. Data, Word, Agenda, Time, World, Calc and Sheet applications, all well written and easy to use. I used the graph capability in Sheet to track moving averages in stock prices, looking for a Golden Cross.

The Data application was used to keep track of contact details and the book’s, LP’s, CD’s and video’s that I had bought. I also started to keep a database of quotations. Whenever I heard something that I thought was funny, witty or profound I tapped it into my little Psion 3a. The collection just grew and grew over the years.

Yesterday I found the export of this data in a text file on my iMac and I decided to put it on a blog page. I was going to just use a little Ruby magic to wrap HTML tags around the data and dump it into WordPress. This isn’t very technical I know, not being in a database, but it would have done the job. Then I found that Dustin at Zombie Robot had written a WordPress plugin which does the job. I just did a little tweaking of the PHP code so that it matches the same style as the other quotes on my blog.

The quotes mentioned in this post are being slowly fed into a Tumblelog. It can be found at Cold Collarbones and it will contain all the little items that are too small for a full post here.

  • Posted on Sunday, 25 June 2006
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