The Need for Speed

30 MPH30 MPH

I, personally, can’t see any reason to drive over the speed limit. The only thing that you’ll do is get stuck behind the car in front quicker.

Recently, on my route to work, Cheshire County Council have been at work with their white road paint. Every 100 yards or so there is a speed marker in the road indicating the speed that you should be travelling. It goes from 30 to 40 to 50 and back to 30 miles per hour again along the country road that I use. The local council, in their infinite wisdom, have started to paint triangles, like saw teeth, about 50 yards of them, in the road before the start of the 30 MPH speed limit. Then there is the 30 MPH circle in the road and the standard red circle 30 MPH road signs with the fluorescent square background. Do you think they are trying to tell us something? Like they’ve bought way too much white paint and need to use it up before it sets solid in the buckets! To drive you have to have relatively good eyesight. You at least have to be able to see to the end of the hood. So why do they have to barrage our field of view with all this crap?

They’ve layered so much white paint on a SLOW sign in the road that it’s like driving up a kerb.

All this expense and wasted time when they could be filling in the huge potholes in the road. Maybe that’s their subtle plan, to make the road so rough to drive on that no one could drive over 10 MPH without all their fillings falling out.

  • Posted on Wednesday, 03 May 2006
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