Microsoft's Biggest Fan Goes Home

Vista noun. A distant view or prospect*vista* noun.
A distant view or prospect

Microsoft’s biggest fan packed up his tent, sleeping bag, laptop and stove today when he heard the sad news that the Windows Vista operating system had been delayed until January 2007. Adrian Jones of Stockport had the coveted first position in a queue of one waiting for the software’s release. “Since I knew that the OS was going to be released this year I packed up a few of my things and decided to camp out.” His spirits had been kept high by the people going in and out of the PCWorld store located in the town. “I just want to thank all the geeks and tech-heads who have kept me going over the past month”. It was his dream that he be the first person in the town to purchase the new product upon its release. “I’ve purchased every Microsoft operating system that has been made on the first day. To say that I’m disappointed is an understatement.” Jones had been writing blog entries from his laptop on his web-site which was receiving a massive 42 ‘hits’ per day. “I had already chosen the one that I wanted to buy out of Windows Vista Starter, Windows Vista Home Basic, Windows Vista Home Premium and Windows Vista Ultimate.” Adrian was so saddened by this first delay that he decided to go home. “If they move the release date once then it’s possible that they could move it again. I could still be here this time next year!”