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I have been a member of The AA since 1988 and have never called them out. The cars that I’ve owned have all been regularly serviced, if not washed all that regularly. So The AA take my £103 per year, for Roadside and Home-Start, and I receive a plastic card in the post. But that’s about it. I don’t use any of their other discounts at all. But I guess that I do drive safe in the knowledge that they are just a telephone call away. This was comforting when I was driving a car that I had had for 13 years.

With this new car I have Mitsubishi Motors Assistance Package. If anything happens to the car over the next 3 years I should be able to ‘phone them up and they’ll send someone out to me. Hopefully this won’t happen but again it’s good to know.

With this in mind I looked at The AA’s web-site to see if I could cancel my membership and receive, at least half, of my membership money back. You can’t. No such thing as pro-rata at The AA. So I decided to send them a little e-mail. I filled out the web form basically saying that I’ve been a member for years and was wondering if they were going to introduce a discount for people, like myself, who have never called them out. Today they replied.

Dear Mr Patterson,

Thank you for your email. Please accept my apologies for the delay in responding to you.

Your email has been logged against the above Service Request Number.

In response to your email I have looked at your AA Membership for you and can see that your cover was closed by yourself on 010705.

The AA do offer longstanding Members free upgrades, and benefits.

Should you require any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards,

Lisa Customer Advisor,

This did come as quite a surprise as I hadn’t closed my membership. So I replied.


I’m a little curious as I was under the distinct impression that I was still a member!!

I received a letter on 21st June 2005 correctly saying that my membership was due for renewal and that the credit card that you had recorded was no longer valid. I renewed the membership using my current credit card and received a letter of confirmation on 1st July 2005 detailing the cost.

Soon after I received, not one, but two AA membership cards in the mail, both with an annual renewal date of 31st July 2006. Surely this sliver of embossed plastic meant that I was a member?

Perhaps it’s for the best that we part company as I’m sure that I could pay less money to another organisation to not call them out instead.

Thank you,

Carl D. Patterson

Of course I noticed that they hadn’t taken the £103 from my credit card but, at the time, I had checked the documents that I mentioned in my reply. I was still carrying around my membership card.

Long gone are the days when you used to receive a key to an AA phone box with your membership. I remember having an AA badge on the front grill of my first car.

If anyone reading this has been a member of The AA for a number of years do the decent thing, ‘phone them and ask for a discount and see what they say. Tell them that you’re thinking of switching to the RAC or Green Flag. You’re bound to get something, you just have to be cheeky.

  • Posted on Monday, 20 February 2006
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