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On Sunday I sent this e-mail to my ISP

From: Carl D. Patterson
Subject: My ADSL PIPEX service…
Date: 12 February 2006 10:07:12 am GMT
To: PIPEX Internet Ltd


I have been a PIPEX customer for many years now and currently have a Solo 1000 broadband connection.

Recently I was looking at PIPEX.com for a relative of mine who is looking to switch from a dial-up connection to broadband. I noticed that you now offer 3 types of connection PIPEX Start, PIPEX Go and PIPEX Max. The PIPEX Go package says that it is 2mb for the same amount of money that I am currently paying for a 1mb connection. I logged in and tried to upgrade my package to PIPEX Go only to receive some feeble excuse like “this is not available, we’re working on it”. I’ve checked every day for the last week and it is still displaying the same message.

Why was I, as an existing PIPEX customer, not offered this package? I even receive the PIPEX Newsletter which hasn’t mentioned it!! Why has this package been available to new customers but not to existing customers? How long would I have been paying the same money for half the connection speed before you had mentioned an upgrade?

Do you treat all your customers this badly or is it just the ones that have been loyal for over 4 years?

I look forward to receiving your excuses,

Carl D. Patterson

They still haven’t replied! Possibly it’s time to switch.

  • Posted on Wednesday, 15 February 2006
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