After months of feverish anticipation it was all a bit of an anti-climax really… a bit like Christmas. I am, of course, talking about Steve Job’s keynote speech at the Macworld Conference & Expo. had a great little news page running which was displaying a snippet of information as it was announced. The page refreshed every minute automatically which saved me doing it manually.

iLife ‘06 I bought the '05 package and never really used it to any great extent. I have all my photos in iPhoto but that’s about it.

iWork ‘06 When I bought this new iMac last May it came pre-installed with iWork '05 and I’ve never opened it, not even to just see what it’s like. Rumours of a spreadsheet application have yet to materialise as I think this would step on Microshites® toes too much. Apple still want to keep them sweet as Office is still the application of choice for business.

iPod FM Receiver I never listen to the radio and probably haven’t since the Friday Rock Show with Tommy Vance on Radio 1. Even then I taped it so that I could listen to it later.

Intel iMac The iMac I have, 3rd generation revision B, works fine for what I use it for. The iSight and Front Row in revision C wouldn’t make me want to upgrade. Not even if I could afford to. Anyone who is in the market for a new iMac would have waited until now to buy one so that they at least have the latest model. The fact that it’s Intel doesn’t make any difference for the market that it’s aimed at. The 2x speed boost from the Core Duo processor is just a bonus.

MacBook Pro No replacement for the ageing iBook then? The MacBook Pro is obviously aimed at the same market as the 15" PowerBook. So will the PowerBook range be fazed out as and when 12" and 17" MacBook Pros become available?

Conspicuous by their absence: smaller iPod Shuffles in different colours, iBook revamp with Intel processor, iPhone, iPod Boombox, Mac Mini revamp with Intel processor, Front Row with Tivo style recording, flash memory in a laptop, the 50" plasma screen with a Mac Mini built in.

I’ll wait a week or two before I see the keynote (or will it be available on iTunes?) but I am a little disappointed. The achievements that they have made since Steve mentioned the switch to Intel have been impressive, but they must have been working on the software and hardware before even that announcement. The only real innovation is the power adapter with MagSafe. There must be more up Uncle Steves sleeve for the coming year!

  • Posted on Tuesday, 10 January 2006
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